• Infusion Training and Certification
  • Infusion Stat Box
  • Infusion Policy and Procedures
  • Specialized packaging
    • Unit-dose/Multi-dose blister cards
    • Unit-dose/Multi-dose strip pack
  • Customized Delivery System
    • Cycle fill
    • On-Demand
    • 7, 14 days supply
  • Facility Customized Stat/E-boxes with weekly exchange (If regulations allow)
  • Electronic Rx's

Infusion Services

  • Third Party Prior Authorization Assistance
  • Liaison To Medicaid/Medicare on Behalf of Resident
  • Third Party Insurance Billing
  • Behavior Monitoring Records
  • Itemized Billing
  • Medicare Part D Education
  • Formulary Management and Compliance

Pharmacy Services

Consulting Services

  • Drug Regimen Review
  • Review Psychotropic Medications
  • Review Appropriate Diagnosis
  • Review Control Substance Log
  • Medication Room Inspection
  • Medication Cart inspection
  • Assist in Destruction of DC'd medications
  • Review Nursing Documentation for Omissions and Transcription Errors
  • Med Pass Review
  • Monitor for Out of Date Medications
  • CQI Support
  • Assure Services Comply With State and Federal Regulations
  • Nurse Consultant to Assist with Med Pass, Documentation Audits, and Inservice

Billing Office Assistance

Medical Records

Dispensing Services

  • Physician Orders
  • Medication Administration Records
  • Treatment Administration Records
  • Behavior Monitoring Records
  • E-MAR Capabilities